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Why Relevant Networking Events is here for you

In a recent podcast, Tim Ferris (author of the 4-hour work week) said: 

“It is my opinion that if you choose one event properly and you build a network there in the right way, in a methodical way that really focuses on long-term mutual relationships, as opposed to transactions…. you will never have to network again, ever. 
Once you set that ball in motion, it’s like a snowball going down a hill and before you know it, you have this unstoppable Goliath of inertia that can carry you forward for years and, in fact, decades.”

If you’re like most people, you’ve been to a few networking events and seen the results you were looking for. But networking with the right groups can produce outstanding results, and there are case studies to prove it time and again. So our group of volunteers are here to help find the right networking events for you, and show you how to network in a way that will deliver results.

This site connects you with our moderators who can recommend the best events for you to attend, and delivers tactics to build results-driven business networks. We are not aligned with any business, and do not ask for any payment. We, ourselves, are also growing our network.

At the moment, we’re covering networking events in Brisbane and Sydney but will be expanding to more locations in the future; both in nationally and internationally. Browse this site for some game changing ideas and articles to guide your network building journey.

First question: What do you want from networking events?

The result you desire, and the influencers you need to connect with, should determine your purposeful networking strategy. Think about Jimmy Fallon, host of “The Tonight Show.” This show has only ever had 6 permanent hosts (including Jimmy) and interviews very influential people, from famous actors all the way through to the president of the USA. So how does someone get chosen for the role? According to Jimmy, it came down to “developing relationships with people who could futher his career” and he insists that it was no accident that he became the host.

These relationships don’t have to be forced, though, instead they should be based on a genuine interest in personally connecting with influencers of your career/life. But before you can decide who you should connect with, firstly ask yourself:

What results can you get from networking?

  • Better results?
  • Multiplying your time (as well as managing it)?
  • Increased business/marketing?
  • Referral partners?
  • People you can advocate for and who in turn will advocate for you?
  • A group that values expansion and advocacy as a way of creating business and employment opportunities?
  • A place where you can build ‘Know, Like & Trust’ relationships?
  • Fresh thoughts (especially for a start-up – mixing with others who are innovative?
  • Disruptive, scalable business ideas?
  • A reliable environment which is consistently growing?
  • Future-proofing yourself/security/multiple streams of income – a place where you can build your network before you need it (dig the well before you need the water)
  • A foundation for future gigs or employment?
  • A trusted community of like-minded others to which you can contribute?
  • A way to mix with and learn from other entrepreneurs?
  • Career advancement/change?
  • Professional Development?
  • Mentoring/advice?
  • Knowledge about how to build a network which delivers results for you?

We can all agree that regardless of your goal, your network will be the primary reason you either get there, or you don’t. Simply Google search “how are most jobs found” and you will see almost every result leads to networking effectively. So it’s important to find the right event for you, what you are looking to achieve and what kind of commitment you can give.

Second question: How do you connect with the right people?

The answer lies in one of the most famous quotes from “the world’s greatest salesman” Zig Ziglar which you have probably already heard:

“You can have everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

So the answer to “how do I connect with the people I need to” lies first with simply building your network and connecting others.

This is a new way of looking at networking.

The traditional method goes along the lines of “meet as many people as possible, hand out as many cards as possible, and make 0.1% of those conversations transactional. But the new paradigm revolves around developing know, like, and trust relationships with people first, then introducing them to people in your network who are relevant to them, and finally being a part of a collaborative network where others do the same for you in return. Those are the kind of networking events that we like to refer people to, and we avoid referring people to events where they will be ‘sold to or sent home.’ 

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