Multiply Your Time With Networking 

When considering whether or not to treat building your network seriously, there are 3 things to think about:

1. Your time

2.Your consistency

3.Your results

As with most things, the benefits of networking are achieved through consistent effort. It will require you to consistently devote some of your valuable time to achieve your desired end results.

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How to best spend your time

Being organised simply isn’t enough!

How can networking multiply time?

Have opportunities brought right to you.

How to quickly build your network

Achieve exponential growth in your network.

Tips to network: how best to spend your time


Most of us struggle with how to best spend our time. In our quest to survive and thrive it often seems there are ‘just not enough hours in the day.’

Sure, we can all do better by reading more on this subject. And as most experts advise: Schedule your priorities.

However, one of the major benefits of networking totally overlooked by many is the ability to actually multiply your time. This is often far more effective than trying to manage your 24 hours to within an inch of your life!

If networking provides the opportunity to significantly multiply your time, a good question to ask yourself is:

Can I afford not to spend the time to multiply my time? In other words: surely time multiplication should be right up there in your priorities as to how you spend your time?

How can networking multiply your time? 


Think about how much time and cost most businesses spend on acquiring new business. In other words, marketing and sales.
What if you instead you had many others advocating for you – continually bringing potential new business or employment opportunities to you?

  • How much time would that save you?
  • How much cost would that save versus buying the hours from salespeople?
  • How much more effective could your time be when others are advocating for you?

Today, many people feel they have a full-time job applying for full-time jobs. Yet it is estimated that up to 85% of all jobs are now being filled through networking.

Perhaps networking will save a lot of time and create better current and future employment opportunities?

Of course, it all depends on finding a networking group that helps you effectively multiply your time.

Networking tips: learning how to build your network

Most networking events provide a platform to facilitate networking. But very few actually teach you how to build an exponentially growing network. It’s worth searching till you find one that does.

Even if you have to travel a bit further – it’s probably worth it to find an event that will help you to learn how to rapidly build an effective network.

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