Finding Business Groups or Your ‘Tribe’ 

Supportive business groups who see your greatness and want the best for you can be likened to a ‘tribe’. Your tribe are loyal, trustworthy and positive people who believe in your greatness.

Networking events are one way you can meet people who can shine clarity on your ideas and dreams. Keep reading find out more about joining communities of like minded others.

people at table while networking

How do you find your tribe?

Use business groups and communities

What do I look for?

Look for these key things when finding your ‘tribe.’

How do you find your tribe?


You have to get out there and get involved. Business groups are communities that are already in place for you to build your network and you can just come along and test the water.

Be ready to bring something of value to the conversation. Relationships are formed when you give to the community, whether it’s your experience, your contacts or your opinion.

You’ll know when you find your tribe as you’ll have an innate sense of belonging. If a business group isn’t right for you don’t waste time. Keep searching until you find your tribe.

Some features of ‘tribes’ to look out for 


  • People are fully themselves – they don’t pretend to be something they are not.
  • Everyone is happy, inspired and genuine
  • There’s a healthy ‘win/win’ mentality
  • Your ideas are supported
  • Make you feel empowered and strong

Most of us enjoy contributing to business groups or communities that have the same values, it’s how we identify ourselves. Not only can this be satisfying, but it can also generate multiplied tangible results.

If you’re not sure how to access Sydney or Brisbane communities or business groups, reach out to one of our volunteers today . They can help you connect with the right networking event near you.

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