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Why reach out?

It only takes 2 minutes to reach out to a moderator, and doing so will help you connect with the most relevant and purposeful networking event. The alternative, is to attend event after event, before eventually finding one that fits your mindset. We’re here to help and grow networking communities with like-minded people for better results all around.

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Why do I have to fill in the form?

Completing the required questions will help us direct you to a networking event that is the best fit for you.

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How do they find events?

Moderators are highly experienced network builders who have been through many networking events around Australia and volunteer their time to assist people to find the best events. They were once bouncing through multiple events and now want to give back, and help others avoid that pain.

Attend the event and see if it's a good fit

What will they cost?

We don’t connect people with overly expensive events. We believe network building shouldn’t be expensive. The events we connect you with are at most $10 entry.

Can we collaborate with your networking group?

Do you attend a networking group? Fantastic! We’re always looking for groups that we can direct people to, if relevant for the person. 

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