Find a Mentor You Respect

It’s always great to have a sounding board for your ideas.

Networking can help you find a mentor (or even more than one) so you can openly discuss your ideas with people who have a great deal of experience in business.

3 benefits of this are:

people at table while networking

1. It can save you a lot of time and money.
2. It can help you to see possibilities that may not yet have occurred to you.
3. It can open doors to great contacts that may be able to help you.

We’ll look at these 3 benefits in more detail below.

Mentors save you a lot of time and money

Use mentors as a sounding board for ideas

Use networking to see more possibilities

How to make sure you get the right fit for you.

How to network and create more opportunities

Network for more opportunities that open doors

Mentors save you a lot of time and money

Discussing ideas and learning how to collaborate with others can save you time as your ideas may have been tried before. You can access the collective wisdom of others when discussing your plans, goals and ideas.

When connected with the right people, you can be referred to trusted connections and save the time and cost of dealing with ‘bad eggs’. Working with someone through the recommendation of someone else essentially guarantees that they will do a good job with you.

Helps you to see possibilities that may not yet have occurred to you

You don’t need to have all the ideas – by networking with others you gain access to a fresh pool of new ideas with other collaborators. Others can give perspective on your situation and offer a new way of looking at things.

New business ideas often originate from discussions at networking events. Startups are often founded at networking events by associating with like minded others.

Open doors to great contacts that may be able to help you

When you build your network, you can be introduced to other contacts that may be relevant to you. You don’t have to build all the relationships, because those you do know will introduce you to relevant people that you don’t know.

 You’ll never have to decline work – you will always have someone to refer work to in a network. When others in your network advocate for you, you can be introduced to others that you would have otherwise never met.

By surrounding yourself with motivated people you ‘swim in the same school of fish’ and get motivation from those around you, as they do from you.

Look for a networking culture which encourages coaching or mentoring. This is a the first step to find a mentor and connect with like minded individuals.

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