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Are you seeking networking groups where aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged?

Attending a networking event or group can teach you how to meet business owners who can inspire you and foster your entrepreneurial spirit.

“It’s said that a wise person learns from his mistakes. A wiser one learns from others’ mistakes. But the wisest person of all learns from others’ successes.”
– John C Maxwell



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Who Usually Attends Networking Groups?

Are they just for those who want more?

Choosing The Right Networking Group

How to make sure you get the right fit for you.

Why Should We Network Face to Face?

Social Media Isn’t a Substitute for Face-to-Face

Who usually attends networking groups?


Networking groups allow you to learn from others who have walked the same journey. Most successful entrepreneurs like to give back (maybe you are one?) and encourage others because they once stood in their shoes – often with little more than a dream to do more than escape the shackles of being employed.

You may be currently employed but have decided you want more.

  • More freedom
  • More security (how safe are jobs going forward?)
  • More income
  • More control
  • More to look forward to.

A networking event where you can talk to like minded business owners will give you an abundance of exclusive job opportunities, joint ventures, partnerships and more. By opening yourself up to right place, right time, right connections, this is where you can benefit most from networking groups.

Choose networking groups that are right for you

If you’re just starting to build your network you may be unsure of what direction to take. Here are some tips on networking for young people:


  • Look for a vibrant growing networking group whose culture encourages entrepreneurship.
  • Look for a group which has successful entrepreneurs actively participating.
  • Decide on the outcomes you want.
  • Decide your level of commitment.
  • Seek advice from those you respect.

Why network face-to-face?

Social media isn’t a substitute for meeting people in person. Having a one-on-one conversation with someone allows you (and them) to put a face to the name, and establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

 This is not to say that online networking, such as joining Facebook groups, can’t work for you. It can be a convenient way of networking when you’re busy. But meeting someone in person helps you to gauge their body language and facial expressions, and build trust, something that’s missing from online encounters.

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