Who are we?

In a sea of networking events, we find those that deliver results.

We got tired of the old networking approach. After enough business cards get flicked towards you (some into the eyes) – you get sick of it. Our aim is to connect people with the right event for them, and at the same time this helps us build our networks.


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Why you're here

Looking for a safe place to build your network

Why we're here

Give first, and don’t expect anything in return

Perhaps you’re looking to network for better results?

It’s likely that you have experienced enough change and competition to understand that the world is not slowing down. Every day, new industries pop up from seemingly nowhere, fewer and fewer jobs are being advertised, people are outsourcing, entrepreneurs are seizing opportunities and automation is becoming more prevalent. 

But you probably recognise the one thing that is not changing is personal connection and trust. You can’t replace the confident feeling that comes with knowing someone personally, and that they will give 110%. As with any relationship, that trust is built over time by getting to know and like others.

Once you can develop those ‘know, like and trust’ relationships in your network you gain stability and predictability for your career and business.

So in essence, you realise that you need to ‘get good at networking.’ 

If we’ve described you, then the volunteers that help with Relevant Networking Events believe you have the right mindset and can help you.

We suggest reading some more information on this website (use the menu at the top or buttons below) and get in contact if you would like to start networking efficiently, effectively and with purpose. But feel free to get in contact, and we can try and point you in the right direction as well.


Hang on, why do volunteers want to help me build my network?

Are you going to market something to me or pass on my details to someone else?


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We are as sick of that approach to business networking as you probably are.

We believe that the best kind of collaboration and networking is the kind where you create value for others first. Then, in the longer term, the value will flow back. Often, that value simply comes from the introduction to someone another person knows. This is the law of reciprocity, or ‘what goes around comes around.’ So we like to make contributions to trusted communities of like minded others.

In the process of helping you build your network with appropriate networking events, our volunteers are building their ‘know, like and trust’ relationship with you – which we consider very valuable in the longer term.

Our moderators have learned a great deal from different networking events in Brisbane, Sydney and other areas, we are happy to steer you to the right event that fits your needs.


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