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Some of the greatest gigs I’ve have, came through someone I knew directly or someone I knew who had a relationship with someone else who needed someone like me. Yes lots of someone’s in that equation. My point is if six degrees of separation is actually true, then do we need to look further at how we build relationships for long term gain, rather than short term win.

Word of mouth continues as one of our most powerful influencers in purchasing decisions. There are many surveys online to confirm this and the most stated stat is 74% of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions. So, if you aren’t already networking weekly then maybe you should be.

Emerging trends come and go but our world continues to evolve. Authenticity and transparency are our greatest allies, yet we often struggle to maximise our ability to show and express them.

These ‘allies’ relies on our personal ability to connect with our associates in business and our customers. Others see it and experience it, through how we communicate to represent who we are and present our brands in business. What’s ironic is our ability to express ourselves with our friends and share our values and beliefs is why they like us, faults and all. They stay because they get something from us that they like. They don’t necessarily agree with all our points of view or opinions, but they accept us for who we are because they see our values and beliefs which resonates with them.

Business is really no different but to be effective it relies upon being who we are to be transparent and authentic, being our most effective way to positively influence purchasing decisions. Marketers apply strategy in their approach to build brand advocates which is how they influence their consumers. You may already be a brand advocate because you’ve resonated with a brand so much that you now love it and tell all your mates. Its word of mouth advertising, its influence and like it or not you’ve become a brand champion of that particular brand in the category. All because you believe in who they are and what you get from them.

Our business relationships in reality work the same way for those looking at long term gain strategies. Creating brand advocates can be a part of your B2B strategy. It means engaging in and collaborating in a conversation with people in business that may or may not be your target audience. Each conversation links you further into the chain of six degrees of separation and long term gain comes is a result of long term commitment. The more you turn up the more you get to know others and build valuable connections. Purpose is what connects us and value is what we find.

Leaders in our local communities are there for us, establishing local network groups to give us the avenue to develop our businesses and ourselves simultaneously. Leaders in our world are loudly championing the message about human connection.

Great stories evolve because two people engaged in a conversation. Where that conversation goes lies in the ‘probability’ of a human relationship and the emerging network of human connection.

Below are tips on how to network.

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